Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I experimented with my baseline Manhattan recipe but I broke a cardinal rule of research. I messed with two variables at once.

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I used Buffalo Trace bourbon, Vya sweet vermouth, and Luxardo cherries, but I used Regan’s orange bitters instead of the Angostura or Bittercube I usually use and I put it in a double old fashioned glass instead of a cocktail glass. It has a nice aroma, but tastes just a touch flat.


Still, it is getting the job done while watching the chariot race from Ben Hur. Twice. Maybe three times. That is an amazing sequence, especially considering when it was filmed. Obviously, all practical effects. Just incredible.

And waiting for Mrs Lizardo to get home from the nephew’s birthday with the promised barbecue. I didn’t go because he just had a birthday like three weeks ago. Or maybe that was a different nephew. How can I know? They all look alike. Small and loud. Probably have beer with the barbecue. Not sure what is in the fridge.

So enough about my misanthropic attitude towards the next generation (not to be confused with The Next Generation). What are the rest of you using to dull the pain of our daily toil?

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