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What's everybody drinking?

We had margaritas with swordfish in salsa Verracruzana.

We also had some wine with the fish.


We saw the new Ghostbusters in IMAX today. It was a fun movie. Perfectly serviceable. Good for a remake, but it is absolutely a remake. It was a little slow getting started, but the nice it does, it is pretty good. I am not going to be quoting it like I do the original, but it was far from the awfulness that so many remakes have been in the last few years. Not a shot-for-shot remake, it tells enough of a different but similar story and the fact that the Ghostbusters are women is completely irrelevant to the story, the way it should be. You should see it.

Then we came home and the TiVo had recorded both the original and the sequel, which we are watching. The best part of the sequel is early on when a woman tells Dr Venkman that she has seen the future and the world ends on February 14, 2016. That hit home because Valentine’s Day was a big day for us this year - that was the day we became dogless. Otherwise, the new movie is substantially better than Ghostbusters 2.

Whole Foods had an adoption event today. They had a couple of four month old brown coon hounds that were painfully cute and friendly. We came very close to bringing one home. Mrs Lizardo wants a little dog. I tried to point out that they were little. She claims they will get bigger but I maintain that past performance is not a guarantee of future gains. Besides, her judgement is demonstrably poor since she married me.

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