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What's everybody drinking (and eating)

Livin’ the life edition.

I sat all day in a hotel ballroom catching up on the latest (mostly not so new) and greatest (mostly not so great) in oncology. More of the same tomorrow.

I had some Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel.


I stopped on the way home for delicious sandwiches and side salads from Pastoral. A Cali-Chevre; a Blue, Pig, and Fig; and some Potato salad and Orzo salad. Not cheap, but hand made with quality local ingredients and it was really good. And cheap compared to going out, which was our initial plan. First time we tried this place. It really is nice being in a city where we can get stuff like this.

We shared a bomber of Green Flash Le Freak with that. The hoppy beer went very well with the rich and salty sandwiches on good, chewy bread.

ETA: later we have peaches, prune plums, and blueberries from the farmer’s market, pastries from the restaurant we went to for Mrs Lizardo’s birthday, and milk from a right wing nut job who sells really good, really fresh, local milk.


How about the rest of you?

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