Millhouse is wrong. Spring Break sucks. All you breeders take time off which leaves us childless people with excess disposable income to pick up the slack. Meanwhile, patients don’t expect half the physicians in North America to be on vacation, so they complain that they can’t get in to see anybody or get anything done. They expect it and accept it at Christmas, but in late March? Not so much. So basically Spring Break is the worst week of the year. And I have worked 17 straight now. So to celebrate the end of this national slacking off designed solely to drive me to an early grave, I had a Manhattan.

I used Knob Creek 100 proof because lots of alcohol was called for

Vya sweet vermouth


And Bittercube orange and cherry bitters


Then some Ridge 2004 Zinfandel with barbecue chicken and baked beans


How about the rest of you? ready to get back to work Monday so I can stop seeing 28 people a day?

ETA: What the fuck is up with the new Kinja interface? Maybe I’m just hating change, but it seems worse.