I’m having a Manhattan.

Made with Knob Creek 100 proof.


And Vya sweet vermouth.

I’m just so tired lately. Maybe it’s the new EHR, maybe it’s ICD-10. Maybe I’m just getting old. Things that I would usually like seem like just too much work. I think the Jack-o-lantern may just be a pumpkin on the front porch and that’s sad, because I like carving a jack-o-lantern. Mrs Lizardo asked if I wanted to make Thanksgiving for both sides of the family (18 people, so many dishes!) which should really get me going. But I’m thinking that I’m not even making anything to bring wherever we are going. It’s all just so much bother.


Misery is on Logo tonight and I kinda think James Caan doesn’t have it so bad. Funny story about Logo. I had no idea it was the gay channel (not that there is anything wrong with that). I just know that when I came home, Buffy was on to watch while I was changing clothes. Mrs Lizardo would turn on the TV the next day and wonder why her husband was watching this channel with half naked, oiled up men on it (again, nothing wrong with that if you like it). Took a while for us to have this discussion.

So how about the rest of you? What depressant are you using to chase away your depression?