Not too long ago, Eldrich posted an interesting article about our connections with our handles. I can understand why people would use a pseudonym, but I pride myself on operating under my real name. Yes, there are an inordinate number of JGorndts in my family (my preferred handle, JJGorndt, was wasted on a burner.), but there aren't a whole lot of in the wold at large.
Gawker's new sharing programs are making me apprehensive, though. I don't know if I want to see JGorndt shared by whomever on a Gawker frontpage (other option: maybe continue posting things nobody would want to share). Not only are the great majority of Gawker Media commenters terrible, frightening people, but I'm not sure if I want potential clients to be able to find me easily online.
So this brings me to the "question" bit of this post. What makes you decide to either operate in the open online or use a pseudonym? If people know who you are, do you try to separate your online and in-person personas, or do you usually behave the same way?

Edit: Also, how did you decide on your pseudonym? I have a couple I used to use, but that was then, and I want to be me now. I think I know what I'll be using, if I decide to go with it, but how do other people make that decision?

Edit x 2: As long as I'm taking up a spot on the O-deck, I might as well make it work double. I was looking for a cooking adventure this weekend, and I don't yet have one. Last weekend, it was Asian fast food. Spring rolls and potstickers from scratch. I was considering going with fried chicken, but I ended up getting back to my place today without the time to pick up chicken and buttermilk. So, any opinions for things to make out there?