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What's in your sketchbook?

The last thing I committed to was by some members of the SPN fandom who have decided to emulate a challenge that the Sherlock fandom did, called LetsDrawSherlock, where everyone (tens and tens, maybe a couple hundred people) drew a picture based on the same image. Also included is a lightly NSFW (underwear) picture in the comments.

The picture LetsDrawSPN chose is this:


I'm not going to lie—the masses of reflective surface, the perspective, the car, and the fact that it's not actually a SPN picture—they make it more complicated. But I'm still going to do it (the sketch above is not mine, BTW—that's an aid provided for the artists).

So that's going to be on my back burner until the 29th of June, at which point I will panic and vomit something out of my pen.

I'm also taking an art-related Coursera course, so there will be seven or so weeks of that, on top of my normal doodling and fanart output.

What are you doing?

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