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What's Star Wars Like Without The Fox Fanfare?

For over 35 years, the Star Wars saga was distributed by Twentieth Century Fox, and the Alfred Newman Fox fanfare and "CinemaScope" extension that played before the "A long time ago..." title card were arguably as much a part of the movies as the opening theme music. But that all changed in 2012, when Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney. So how do the movies open now?

The answer is here, in the form of a new Lucasfilm fanfare, as seen and heard on the new digital releases that launched today. The sole exception is the original Star Wars, which Fox still owns the rights to distribute. The digital version still has the Fox logo and the Newman theme, though sadly, contrary to rumors you may have heard, it's still the "enhanced" 1997 special edition and not the 1977 theatrical version in which Han shot a man named Greedo just to watch him diiiiie. But hey, Lucasfilm also rescored the iconic THX Deep Note, so nothing is sacred.


We knew this was coming, but it's still pretty weird. As a great American once observed, John Williams must be rolling around in his grave.

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