Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I have a very ill-defined poll. Do you consider yourself a part of any fandom? If so—of which property? What do you do that separates you from being a fan of this show/book/movie/game/etc and makes you a part of fandom? Do you create something? DIscussion? Transformative work? Do you consume the same? Is it where you indulge yourself? Or is it how much you do?

Or is it simply something you know? What is the difference between "I'm one of the people that watched Lost and discussed it at avidly at work the next day" and "I'm in Lost fandom"?


For me, I think the primary thing that makes me feel fandom is when I deliberately seek out a venue for further exploration of the show. I don't just bring it up, but I either go looking for where the talk is, or try to make a place where the talk goes. And the talk can be recaps, meta analysis, critiques of oh, costuming failures, gifsets, fic, art, all sorts of show-inspired things. But it's the difference between happenstance, and "this is a place where we do this for this property". I discuss Teen Wolf with friends of mine that like it. I create and/or seek out Supernatural spaces and discussions/fic/fanart/etc. That's my dividing line. What's yours?

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