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What's the longest damn book you've ever read?

Yeah, so I just finished Alan Moore’s Jerusalem. I feel like my brain has given birth to some sort of rough beast, shuffling off to... well, you get the idea. Apart from some heady subject matter — life, death, the origins and ultimate end of the cosmos, the meaning of existence, Northampton — Jerusalem is what is known colloquially as a great big book, or as I like to call them, a long-ass novel. The final manuscript is around 600,000 words, and the physical book clocks in at 1266 pages. I bought the three-volume paperback slipcased edition because I was afraid the hardcover might collapse my chest if I fell asleep reading it.

So, long story (heh, heh) short, I liked it. I suspect also that it might be the longest single novel I’ve ever read. And with that in mind, I was wondering: what’s the longest novel you’ve ever read, not including series? (Though certainly a single long-ass volume of a series would count.)


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