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What's the Most Disgusting Sci-Fi Tech?

So as an inexperienced Odecker, I turn to you all when I’m in need of expanding my genre palette. I don’t know why this topic came up in my mind on my silent commute home** yesterday, but I was thinking of the most disgusting or disturbing future/alternate universe tech in TV and movies (I’ll open it up to comics and novels as well).

**The real question should probably be, “What kind of psychopath drives in silence when there are clearly decent music/radio options?”


So the basic rules are: 1) that the technology must seem completely innocuous to the majority of people of the time and 2) well I guess I don’t have a second rule, just no making stuff up. I’ll list the three that I could come up with and then I want to know what I’m missing in my life as far as disgusting sci-fi tech goes. Oh and list what it is and what it’s from, I’m not a mind reader.

Envy - Va-Poo-Rize

Jack Black comes up with the technology that has long been the dream of every dog owner: spray that makes poop disolve. No more carrying bags around or stepping in it while mowing the lawn. These are inconveniences that most people would rather do without, but it doesn’t stop us dog lovers.

So the real disgust is revealed later in the film when everyone starts asking the questions I’ve been asking the whole time. Where does the poop go? The poop by-product kills Corky the horse and it’s taken off the market.


Still want some Pocket Flan though.

Eureka Season 2 Episode 9 “Sight Unseen” - Miracle Stain Remover


So Sheriff Carter has been in Eureka for a whole year now and he starts dating the dry-cleaning lady, the ephemeral Callie Curie. She used to be involved with an invisibility project and is a main suspect when things start disappearing. The every-man sheriff makes the connection when he notices her work on the project and the extremely good work she does on his shirt.

This miracle stain removing pen is totally glanced over for how disgusting it actually is. The thing that caused the stain doesn’t actually go away. It just becomes invisible. If I were paying (or not paying as that seems to be the norm in Eureka) to have my stuff cleaned, I want it actually clean.


I never did like Callie.

Demolition Man - VR Sex/Wet Dream


Yeah. Mr. Stallone I agree with you. I do like Sandra Bullock, but I would say no to this.

I won’t get into the dirty details with this one. You can use your imagination (but try not to!).


What grosses you out?

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