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*Spoilers for many shows/movies so tread carefully*

There is an amazing amount of good characterization in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. With good characterization comes good heart-wrenching moments when those characters we care about are put in Jeopardy or Tragedy. Additionally, sometimes once they have gone through hardship and come out the other side, you can be so happy for them that you feel the overwhelming happiness right along with them.


What is the Sci-Fi or Fantasy Movie/TV show scene that gets you every time whether you are prepared for it or not? Include a picture if you have one.


Mine is the scene pictured above from Wreck-It-Ralph. I can be 100% expecting it and it still messes me up when the music comes on and he starts reciting his mantra every single time.

Honorable Mention: Iron Giant “Superman” scene.

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