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What's Your Coat of Arms?

I think we should have an art project. Did anyone do a Coat of Arms in school? I think it's time we revisited this classic 'art' assignment and put our adult selves on it. Like creating your own GoT House, but less use of Photoshop. Unless you have and know how to use Photoshop. What could possible go wrong?


Liz, are you drunk again?

Cmon, guys, it will be fun!

You're not answering my question.

I'm drunk on life?

Fine. I'll play along. What should go on it?

Anything! What are your favourite fandoms? Quotes? Tshirts? What brings you joy? Perhaps a motto?


Is this a ploy to gain our personal information for your nefarious purposes?

Not anymore!

I'll go first, as a sign of good faith (don't judge the Latin, I used Google Translate):

Here are some blank templates for a base:


MS Paint and MS PowerPoint are surprisingly powerful, don't discount them if that's all you have on work/home computers!

Now get to it! I want to see some creativity!

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