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What's Your Dream Terrible-Adaptation Reboot?

So, we learned today that the much-maligned League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie is being tried again, hopefully better (as frequently pointed out: “How could they do worse?”). This got me thinking (and I commented as much in the post, but figured a broader discussion would be better suited to the O-Deck):

Maybe this could start a new era, where Hollywood looks at its missteps for inspiration, trying to do better than the first, baleful attempt at an adaptation rather than cashing in on things they did mostly right the first time.

If we get lucky, and this does become the case, what’s your dream property that got badly botched when Hollywood got its fingers on it that you’d like to see get a do-over?


Me, I’d love to see them make a proper go of His Dark Materials, where they don’t shy away from the darker elements of the story (which I desperately need to re-read soon). Also, I know a lot of people were fans of the visuals in the original, but frankly, I thought everything was overdesigned and too shiny (what was with all those fins and whatnot on Lee Scoresby’s baloon? Why does Iorek Byrnison’s “ugly” “rusted” armor look all gold and shiny, and where’s the fancy gilding on Iofur Ragnisson’s armor?), so I’d love to see another stab taken at those. That, and, just making it more intelligible to people who hadn’t read the books. I gathered that was a problem with the film, but I didn’t quite catch it having read them fairly recently.

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