So it’s almost hockey season (exciting news) and the US has announced their 2016 World Cup of Hockey coach to be none other than John Tortorella (pictured below). ICYMI, some fake reporters managed to hijack his conference call with the press. The second question he was asked (listen to it here) was:

“I just wanted to ask, coach, what your favorite dolphin movie was.”

-Blake Thomas of the Mankato Free Press

Now me being both a nerd and a hockey fan, I’m going to break this down a bit before I ask you a question. We’ll start with the classification known as Delphinidae family, move on to Tortorella’s current former team, then move on to the obvious answer to this absurd question.

The Delphinidae family, commonly referred to as the ocean dolphin, includes one very important sea creature. Orcinus orca, a.k.a. the orca whale (a.k.a. the killer whale), is part of this family.

John Tortorella most recently held the head coaching position for the Vancouver Canucks. Their mascot is Fin... the Killer Whale (pictured below). I mention this because everyone seems to be forgetting my first point and it should be more obvious to Torts.


Now moving on to the obvious, Free Willy (top photo) is clearly the only choice for dolphin movies and I feel like, in the sports community, I’m the only one NOT taking crazy pills. Okay, sorry, I suppose you could pick one of the sequels or even Ace Ventura, but literally nobody mentioned Free Willy.

Now back to my question and I’ll switch it up because I’ve already mentioned the only answer there is (and you’re wrong if you disagree).


What is your favorite sea creature in a movie or TV?

Dolphin GIF for your time. And remember technically correct is the best kind of correct.