Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

What's your favorite obscure pop-culture thing that's probably lost to the ages?

These days, it seems like just about everything from our childhood and adolescence is on the Internet somewhere, whether it's a wiki about a forgotten Saturday morning cartoon or a comedy sketch from an instantly cancelled variety show. But every now and then I find that something is just too weird or esoteric to reach the right critical mass, and I get the feeling that I'm the only person who remembers this thing, even if I find myself referencing it constantly.

Case in point: In the early days of Late Night With David Letterman (1982-83), there was a comedy bit where Dave talks about the time the studio picked up a broadcast of the show from a parallel universe. The scene then cuts to a clip of Dave in a black turtleneck, intoning in a deep, sinister monotone:

"Deep underground, the pressure was building and building and building. Until there was a massive implosion. And there were many, many injuries."


Cut to a shot of the studio audience, all dressed in black turtlenecks, laughing in a jerky, robot-like fashion.

Cut to Paul Shaffer, dressed likewise: "That was a terrible joke! I should host this show!"

Cut to Dave. He glares menacingly at the camera.

Now, maybe this isn't all that funny. But not a day goes by that I don't remember this sketch. And for me and a couple of other people who saw it as a rerun on E! back in the early '90s, it positively killed. We would find ourselves talking about some unfortunate situation, like a relationship gone sour or an argument between roommates, and then add "...and there were many, many injuries." It was a private joke, but it was based on something that a lot of people, likely more than we'll ever know personally in our lifetimes, saw at some point. But apparently nobody else remembered it in quite the same way.


So my question is: What's your favorite weird thing that nobody else but you and a handful of other people know about — strong enough to be an in-joke, but too insignificant to become a meme?

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