Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So here I am. 2AM on a Saturday night. A kink in my back from sitting on the floor for 6 hours straight, realizing I don’t quite have enough bricks to complete my latest Lego build... again. Time to head off to BrickLink to drop another $30 on parts, eerily aware that this hobby of mine is getting ludicrously more expensive by the minute, and already triple what I initially anticipated spending on this particular project.

As I transfer funds to my PayPal account, I tell myself: “it’s disposable income,” “it makes me happy” and “well, at least I don’t play Magic/Pokemon/Warhammer/Farmville/MMORPGs like those pathetic losers who just throw their money away for no good reason. ” (And in a much quieter voice: “I can quit any time I want to...”) I may be a walking example of the sunk-cost fallacy, but I know I’m not alone.


So O-deckers.... what do you pour your hard-earned time and/or money into, knowing full well that there are more productive things you could be doing, and if most of your friends or family found out what you’d actually invested in your given obsession, they’d be slapping on the straight jacket or filing for power of attorney?

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