I'm in the process of getting back into photography. And right on time, I start to wonder/worry about lighting, and oh! The options...So I'd like hear about what gear you have, and how (and how often) you use it. And do you consider yourself professional? Talented amateur? Dabbler? Grateful for Instagram? What counsel can you give? What questions do you have?

So, here's me:

  • DSLR: Nikon D3200
  • Lens: 50mm prime (f1.8) and a slower 28-80 zoom (not NikonÔÇömaybe TampaRay?)
  • Flash: Nikon Speedlight SB24 (can also be used off camera) + the flip flash that's attached
  • Continuous lighting: 4 stand lamps with indoor bulbs
  • Tripod: small Gorilla jobbie do (which doesn't see all that much use) and a Slik U800 that goes up to about 5'6

I have a non-digital SLR and a point and shoot, as well as all the cameras in everything, but for the purposes of draining your brain, I am going with "primary" and this is it right now.

What am I shooting? I have 11 months more of selfies to go, so that's one portraiture need that hopefully doesn't change. Also, some friends have a two month old baby, and I've petitioned successfully to become the House Paparazzo, so more portraiture there, and more intimateÔÇöit's not like I'll be toting around the lights on stands (especially since photos will probably be taken at their house) to roast the wee babbie, and at best would be working with bounced light from the flash gun.


::sigh:: The Speedlight SB24 can be set manually. Do I want to set it up manually? Won't I worry that there are settings the camera will change for the after I've already given the flash the thumbs up? I should check the price of the current equivalent, for motivational boost.

And reflectors. I feel like I won't be a big girl photo-taker if I'm not bouncing light off gold, off silver, off whatever. Right now I just use the handiest near wall.


I've looked at other people who've done this selfie project. It's time consuming and there are a number of them with studio-looking shots with crisp and seamless coloured backgrounds, and *then* who tidy up after in post. ONE A DAY, PEOPLE. Where do you get the time?

I'd consider myself an above average photographer if the set is everyone who takes still pictures. But if the set is "everyone who pays attention to more than 50% of the controls on their DSLR" then I plummet down the bell curve.