Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Wheel of Time Fan Film

After narrowly escaping an ambush in the town of Whitebridge and walking for days on the Caemlyn Road, Rand al'Thor and his companion Matrim Cauthon seek rest and shelter in the Dancing Cart-Man Inn at the village of Four Kings. After bargaining for one night's room and board with Saml Hake, the duo soon discover that the servants of the Great Lord of the Dark are hot on their heels. Deceived by Hake and his henchmen, Rand and Mat find themselves trapped in a storeroom, forced to use the forbidden energy of the One Power for their very survival.


Based on the first book's chapter Four Kings in Shadow, Flight From Shadows comes to us from Epicleveltv and Wheel of 9 Productions. The costumes and sets don't look to bad and I don't know much about special effects but I think it looks good for what I imagine is a small budget. The changes to plot help build up the world that beyond the scope of a single chapter.

Plus it teaches us not to trust thin innkeepers.

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