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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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When I think about it,

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I really should hate One Piece.

One Piece is one of my favorite anime series ever. But I can't help but ask myself "why?"


I mean, it has almost everything that I can't stand in other shows.

1) It's almost entirely fight scenes. Fight scenes that seem to happen for no other reason then "We saw each other, we need to fight." You're Pirates, not Pokemon Trainers, dammit!

2) So much of the series is dedicated to constant flashbacks of the enemies and side characters. It breaks the pacing horribly and I usually just skip them and will read the summary online unless its really interesting.

3) Constant fan service. Especially after the time skip where Nami is just wearing a bra for a top and Robin doesn't even wear pants. Would it kill them to give them female characters proper clothes? Would it?

4) So much filler. In both the show and the manga, the main story moves forward at a snails pace, preferring to just have an adventure of the week. We may get a scrap of information here and there that relates to the main story, but its never much.

5) The fight scenes always end the same way. Character gets beat to within an inch of his life easily, he/she makes some bullshit personal realization and then defeats him in 2 minutes.

6)Time after time they always find people who are just slightly stronger then the last people they met and fought.

7) the basic characters. Luffy is the typical shonen hero, Zoro is your basic badass swordsman, Sanji is your basic idiotic romantic who thinks only with his smaller brain, and Nami is your basic eye candy. It isn't until we get to characters like Chopper and Brook and Franky that we get some legitimately interesting characters. A skeleton musician? A reindeer doctor? Color me intrigued.


And yet I always look forward to watching it. I watch an episode a day and have to physically stop myself from watching the next 10. I enjoy the fights. I enjoy the characters. I like the story.

I can't explain it. If anyone can, please help me understand.

Any of you guys have a series that you just can't wrap your head around why you like it so much?


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