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When Supergirl Cries We Should All Cry

Not me since my heart is cold and dark but all of you should cry. I usually roll my eyes at “good person acts bad” stories but last night’s Supergirl episode “Falling” worked because of Melissa Benoist (as usual). Spoilers ahead.

Here’s the quick and dirty recap. Kara is exposed to Red Plot Device Kryptonite and her dark side emerges. She gets her rival Siobhan Smythe fired, puts the moves on James Olsen, throws Cat from a penthouse balcony and throws harsh words at Alex. In the climactic fight before she’s cured, Hank Henshaw ends up blowing his cover and revealing he is an alien.


The best scene of the episode is when Kara wakes up from the Red Kryptonite influence. She remembers everything that she’s done and the harm she has caused. Even my cold, dark heart felt something when she cried.

More importantly there are consequences for her actions that aren’t reset at the end of the episode. As more than one person points out to Kara, there was some truth in the things she said to people even if she wasn’t acting like herself. Kara Danvers’ relationships with everyone around her have changed, generally for the worse. Supergirl has to re-earn the trust of the people of National City (they are kind of fickle, aren’t they?). And getting Siobhan fired is going to come back and bite her in the butt.

I know I haven’t hit upon everything in this episode so I’ll throw the floor open for discussion in the comments after leaving with these two words - Hank wink.

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