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When the choice is fighting crime or getting candy the answer is simple

Candy wins out every time. Mike Maihack of Cleopatra in Spaaace! fame shared another one of his delightful Batgirl and Supergirl comics today. Sometimes I despair Supergirl will never come to take her role as a crime fighter seriously.

Maihack has several other Batgirl/Supergirl comics to check out, and they're all adorably amusing. In fact, you should just check out all of his stuff at his site. It's all fairly awesome.


And I should probably mention that his incredibly popular Cleopatra in Spaaace! webcomic has been picked up by Scholastic/Graphix and will be available to purchase in book format starting at the end of April next year. It's an all new story so you should probably buy the book. And if you want to know why you should read the web comic then read this excellent break down.

Seriously, this is adorable.


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