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When U Chillin In Da Crib w/a Sweet Game of Star Castle

What are you playing this weekend? Or you know, reading, watching, bingeing, osmosing, whatever.

Me, I have a new obsession: Bloodborne. It’s dark, it’s gothy, it’s insanely hard, and I can’t stop playing it. I’m a litttle bit frightened of it. Hold me, I’m scared. But not for too long — I want to go play more Bloodborne.


I still haven’t started Fallout 4, though I’ve had a copy since November. Honestly, I love Bethesda’s games, but I won’t start playing in earnest until this thing has been patched like crazy.

I finally broke my long dry spell of not being able to read anything after my dog died — all I remember doing in my free time for most of January was playing Crossy Road and Star Wars Battlefront — so I’ve been working through my backlog of books, plus some new ones. This weekend I’m thinking of reading China Mieville’s This Census Taker (it’s really short, basically a novella) and Ken Liu’s The Paper Menagerie (if you haven’t read his “silkpunk” Asian fantasy epic The Grace of Kings, please do — it’s awesome, and out in paperback). I also have a stack of graphic novels that’s been accumulating for some time now — my new fix is the Valiant stuff, though there’s a lot of Image and Marvel titles in there as well.

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