...to a huge spider on the front porch.

(the above is a representation of my neighbor's cat's face)

I tend to pop out for fresh air after dinner on nights when I'm home. The neighbor has a few free-roaming cats who like to visit, and they know I will give them attention. One of her calico cats came over and jumped up on an end-post on the porch railing and I was petting her for a bit. She leaned forward and poked an previously unforeseen spiderweb strand. I cautioned her to not get stuck, and then had the urge to look up.

HUGE FREAKIN' SPIDER!!! It had come down the web about halfway, and I froze to make sure I wasn't disturbing the web any further. I then looked over at the calico... and busted out laughing, as she had what was probably an identical reaction to the spider. I then backed up, she jumped down, and we left the big ol' arachnid to exist in peace.