Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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When your idols let you down

Firstly, I know that it's a mistake in general to hold real, flesh and blood humans, to any sort of standard, especially a high one. But sometimes you can't help it. There are people who inspired you, people who guided you. Without those people you might not be the person you are today, and as such, you can't help but think highly of them. Then you are forced to remember that humans are just humans, and just because someone inspires you personally, that doesn't mean they aren't also a jackass.

The specifics of this might not matter to those outside the Skeptic community, but it has been revealed that Ben Radford, a professional skeptical investigator, has been for years sexually harassing his coworker Karen Stollznow.



They worked together on a podcast called MonsterTalk, which was not only my favorite podcast, but the thing that brought me into skepticism and freethought to begin with.


I've known for a while that Radford is insensitive to feminism, but I just didn't think he would be the type of person to engage in the things Stollznow documents. From now on I will no longer take 'insensitive to feminism, but otherwise seems decent' as an alright standard to judge my skeptical activists by (or anyone else for that matter).

I guess what I want to talk about is when this might have happened to others. Have you been let down by an idol? Are you to logically and rationally minded to have ever had idols in the first place? Do you still just love someone despite all their many, many flaws and failings?

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