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Where did the fun go, Jeff Davis?

What is UP with this season of Teen Wolf? Don't mess with your money man, Jeff, and you've messed up your money man. Hell, you've messed up a lot of your boys and girls, and even a couple men.

Everything feels very muddy, and that's never aided by taking Stiles out of the mix. Great for the fans of the actor, since he gets to do many other things, but the show is primarily better than it has any right to be all because of him.


So when he's not him, the show's a bit of a mess. No one else really feels like they get their proper time to shine other than Scott and the new kitsune, but this used to be a good ensemble show. But now there are so many people not organised by alliances so much, that it's harder to keep track of who's doing what and why.

Not to mention—who's not doing what. Why is 900 year old kitsune mommy not helping clean up the mess she made? How is Melissa McCall somehow more involved in this than she is? Why is Daddy McCall still a massive douche on the outside.

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