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Where do racists go?

We all joke about that very special hell for people who talk at the theater, but today I think I've met the ones with reserved VIP seats in a 12 Years a Slave screening.

I don't mean the constant running commentary and questions about what is going on which is always obviously annoying, but the actual comments themselves. How do you make jokes about "dancing" when the character on screen is obviously fighting for every gasping breath? Who laughs at a rape scene?! Who makes comments along the lines of "she got what she deserved/she wanted it'? Did I mention there were women in this group saying those things? And then there was the guy who was cheering on the slave masters! And they were LOUD, certainly not the whispering, hear it only if you're next to them kind of level.


I can't. I just can't. I am so mad.

I understand that these were fictional characters, but where is your compassion? Your humanity? This was based off of real events, and I'm sure it was actually much much worse than what is being depicted on screen.

This is the day I completely lost hope in humanity.

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