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Where I get punished for what my dog did.

Turns out Ein's a little pervert. Who could've known?

So I took my corgi Ein to the dog park, like I do every Saturday. On our way back to the car, I see an older then me woman (about mid 30's maybe) walking a white pomeranian. She was wearing like a long frilly skirt thing (sue me, I know crap about women's fashion).

Anyway, Ein manages to get away from me and starts running towards her. I think he's just going to sniff around the dog, but he ends up under the woman's skirt instead, standing on his hind legs. I run up and pull him out as she jumps away.


I'm mortified, I start apologizing to the woman profusely, and I just never see the hand coming until it hits. And it hit hard. I still have a freaking red mark on my cheek. I haven't been hit by a girl since high school.

I guess I should be thankful it wasn't a punch like in high school, but still, why hit me for my dog being a pervert?

Anyone else have to deal with embarrassing pets?

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