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Which Actors/Actresses DON'T You Want to See in Any Superhero Films?

I thought about this after the Simon Pegg/Ant-Man fake-out. A lot of times when discussing upcoming/possible superhero films, we bring up the actors we want to fill a certain comic-established role. But flip that around: which actors or actresses do you think are just not suited for the genre? And I don't mean this in terms of acting ability. Who would just feel out of place if they were cast as a superhero, supervillain, or supporting character in one of these universes?

Yes, I know he played a super-powered character in the great film Unbreakable, but I don't really think that Bruce Willis would be convincing as a hero or a villain.


Yes, I've enjoyed a lot of Bruce Willis films that I've seen. Other than the "A-list celebrity is too recognizable to play ___" I just can't imagine him pulling off the kind of sincerity that is necessary to play a superhero character.

Who do you think should just ignore any offers to be in a Marvel/DC film?

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