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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Which Characters Deserve More Recognition?

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Have you ever read a book/film/series or even an ostrich reenactment of Wrath of Kahn and said, "hey, this character was pretty cool" or, "Man this will change everything, I wonder when we'll see him/her again?". Only to discover that the character never reappears again or gets very little recognition for their deeds?


Or It could even be a regular character that constantly gets shafted and ignored that you think would be interesting if only they were given center stage for once? Or is or dose something incredibly significant, only to be ignored for most if not all of the series?

Which characters do you feel deserved more recognition then they ever got, characers that more people should know?


My pick would be Betty (or Bette) Kane, the original Batgirl aka the Batgirl that DC and the comic-book writers refuse to acknowledge. Why? Without her there wouldn't even be a Barbara Gordon or Cassandra Cain or any of the other Batgirls and you make it nearly impossible to find and read her run as Batgirl. The closest she's ever been close to significant in the modern age is being in the shadow of Nightwing and Batwoman and never given any acknowledgement as the original Batgirl.

Spoilers Even in the recent Future's End comic, she was shafted and not even mentioned when all the other official Batgirls were. End Spoilers

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