Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Which is more offensive to your sensibilities?

Both of these videos were posted on io9, but only one of them was taken down. Both contain material that may be objectionable and both were clearly labeled as containing said material.

Charlie Jane has written tons of articles on scifi porn and I can guarantee you some of those movies are not PC. Again, it is really difficult to discern the line here because everybody is so fucking offended by every goddamn thing anymore.


I am a liberal guy but the political correctness stuff is way overboard and it is just getting worse. We are policing ourselves into thought prisons and it extremely sad.

There has to be a way to apply critical thinking and rationally discern what is truly harmful and what is not.

Day after day we deal with potentionally transgressive material but we all know that in real life it is wrong to do. I just wish this knee-jerk offensiveness would calm down because it detracts and distracts from things that are really a problem.

All of art, humor especially, acts as a way to channel certain impulses and to find ways for us to be able to laugh at some difficult societal issues.


I understand being offended. There are things that offend me everyday and things that make me feel uncomfortable, so on and so on. But I try to save my outrage for things that really matter. Like this piece of shit pictured here.


I feel like we are losing the ability to guage what is really and truly noxious in our culture. A little cartoon about a cheeky Rube Goldberg device does not rise to that level.

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