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Which Show Most Dropped The Ball In A Season Finale?

This week saw one of the most controversial season endings for a long time in the form of the ending of season 6 of The Walking Dead and that got me thinking that it’s time for yet another ‘vent all you hatred’ posts where we can all rant about the endings to seasons we didn’t like. It doesn’t have to the end finale of the show as a whole but can be just any season ending that really rubbed you up the wrong way.

My entry this time has to be How I Met Your Mother season 9 ending. I used to watch this show quite a bit back in the day, not obsessively mind you but more as background when I played on my laptop, but my god did this show drop the ball in a way not even TWD managed.


For those who may not know Season 9 was based entirely around the wedding weekend of two of the main characters, Barney Stinson, a complete prick who I never understood how people could like him, and Robin Scherbatsky, a largely independent journalist. This was a full length US season of 24 episodes where the main plots of the first 22 were the wedding and the main character Ted Mosby finally meeting the titular ‘Mother’ of his kids. Then came around the hour long two part finale and within 20 minutes you found out Barney and Robin divorced very quickly, within 40 minutes that the Mother died of ‘an illness’ and by the end of the episode it’s revealed the 9 years of TV you had watched was a longwinded explanation that was basically Ted going ‘kids I want to fuck aunt Robin’, a plotline the writers said they had killed several seasons back.

Even as just an interested party rather than a full fan this finale rubbed me up the wrong way as it was just so weak and completely rolled back on several years of plotlines because of the fact it turns out they had recorded most of the finale back during season 2 because of the actors playing the kids aging. The reception was so bad by fans that they recut old footage to create a five minute long montage ending for the DVD release, where Barney and Robin stayed together and ‘The Mother’ never died, and many thought that it was much better than the hour long version.

So that’s my entry for worst ever season finale. What are yours?

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