Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Which tv show needs a sci-fi makeover? Which might seem an odd question to be prompted by a show about a bunch of twenty-something lawyers. Today is the anniversary of Amy Jenkins’ This Life, a snazzy drama that captured the zeitgeist of Nineties Britain. If you haven’t seen This Life, hunt it down. It is funny, sad, cruel, uplifting , surprising and lots of other things. You might also recognise some of the cast in breakout roles before they started fighting vampires, pirates and zombies or being frozen on trains only to wake up in an apocalyptic future.


Thing is though, a sci-fi version of This Life has been floated before. As if being a spin-off from Doctor Who wasn’t enough, Torchwood was touted as a cross between the X-Files and This Life.

Not sure that really worked out, but somehow the idea of a show that achieves that fusion has a certain attraction. Delusional? Desirable? Maybe that was Sense-8? Or Red Dwarf?

So without sending the Pussycats into Outer Space, which show needs a sci-fi alter ego?

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