A new TV season starts again soon and with the flurry of pilots premiering lets not forget that some of our favorite shows are coming back too.

The two shows I'm most excited about coming back are Person of Interest and Legend of Korra.

Person of Interest has quickly become my favorite science fiction show and TV show period. What started out on CBS as a semi procedural has become a full fledged cyber punk TV show with warring AI's and groups out to control the world using technology. But on top of all the science fiction goodness this show also balances spectacular kick ass action sequences with thoughtful character development. There is also an intelligence to his show, and by that I mean they never treat the audience as if they need to be shown everything or have things hand waved away. They tackle broad themes yet ground them in characters we love or hate. And thats another thing I find so appealing no character on this show is purely good or evil, but morally ambiguous. I personally love this because it challenges my notions of the characters I love and hate. Plus the addition of Bear didn't hurt, we could all use a Bear in a our lives.

Legend of Korra is the other show I can't wait to watch. Even though it just finished its incredible third season its premiering its fourth season, Balance, in a few weeks. I have loved this show since it premiered and have just been in awe in what they have shown us so far. My favorite thing about the show is its willingness to tackle broad and arguably adult themes with subtlety. Where the first two seasons were a bit rocky, season three blew me away and showed us why Korra is legendary. I just love everything about this show from the art, music, and the characters.


So what returning TV shows are you most excited for?

Image credits: Person of Interest (watchingwith1000eyes.tumblr.com)

Korra (korranation.tumblr.com)