So, my buddy told me a few months back about a Doctor Who convention happening in me ol' stomping grounds of Hunt Valley, MD (about 15 minute drive north of Baltimore). Many eons ago I attended Shore Leave, a Star Trek (and all around sci-fi) con there in the late 80's.

And so I returneth once again(eth) to a hotel in northern reaches of Baltimore's suburban sprawl to cosplay, see Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, Sylvester McCoy, Nicola Bryant, Terry Malloy, and other Who stars, and mingle with other like-minded Whovians.

So... anybody else going? If so, keep your eyes open for The Brigadier on Saturday...that will likely be me (or I'll be one of them... hell, there might be 20 of us as The Brigadier!)


UPDATE 4/7/15: It was a blast! A little rough around the edges (A/V in the main room was a bit dodgy the first 2 days) but for their first-ever con, they did really well. Sophie Aldred was awesome, and Colin Baker & Sylvester McCoy have a blast ribbing each other constantly during their panels. I totally missed Nicola Bryant, but I heard she was wonderful (well, I did walk past her twice but didn't see her panel talks).


Dealer room was small but heavy on the Who merch. The guests were very nice and accessible, unlike some of the larger cons. Great cosplay: a lot of classic who represented rather than just all nu-Who, though the new era was well-represented as well. I heard the voice-over panel was great with Terry Malloy (aka Davros and many other voices from Big Finish Audio). My firends who went got to do readings with him to try out voice acting. I'm really sorry I missed it.

I'm definitely going next year: and somebody suggested Rowan Atkinson as a guest! How funny would THAT be???