Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The main page of io9 often has these kinds of calls for submissions: I think the most recent was "Who was the best space pilot". But who is/was the best general/tactician?

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My sequestration (thanks to a nasty internal infection... yuck) in the apartment had me re-wacthing Babylon 5 this past weekend (and missing great travel and food with family and... wah wah wah, anyway...) and I marveled at how awesome a 'general' John Sheridan was played up to be. From that battle with the Minbari where he outwits the opposing starships who have him outgunend and cornered, to how he gets everybody in the same place and to own up to their repetative cycle of war at the end of the Shadow War, plus countless battles in between... the guy was amazing.

So: who do you think is the best master tactician/general in all of sci-fi (books/TV/movies/etc): Post below and of course (per the usual mainpage articles) posts a photo or clip to show off your choice.

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