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Who is your valentine?

Radio Times have just published one of their highly scientific probes that lets you discover which Doctor Who companion should be your fellow traveler. Just answer a few simple questions to find out if you should be dating a Donna, Bill, Ben, Jack or Alpha Centauri.


Back in 2007 I had a little double-take when Freema Agyeman boarded the TARDIS as Martha Jones because she was the spitting image of an old friend lost to the mists of time. Oh, well ...

But in the spirit of predestination, when I had a crack at the RT quiz it pairs me up with the one and only Rose Tyler as played by the iridescent Billie Piper.

Down to earth and fun, Rose is perfect for almost anyone. You could enjoy laughs and emotionally intense beach walks together – though you may find you’re not the only person in her heart...


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