An age ago, when they announced that Jodie Whittaker would be the new face of Doctor Who she promptly appeared on BBC1 in a medical drama called Trust Me. Written by David Sefton it focused on a wronged whistle-blowing Sheffield nurse, Whittaker, who steals a mate’s identity and gets a swanky new job in Edinburgh as a Doctor.

The show is a little wonky in places, rather gripping in others, but if nothing else it is an interesting journey with an ambiguous ending. Just when you think she’s been caught, well you can try and find Trust Me if you really want to know.

However, it seemed a little like an own goal because having told us Jodie was the new Time Lord, BBC1 spent the next month running trailers where she told the nation “I’m not a Doctor.” As if the naysayers weren’t cranking into high gear before.


Still there was a little question mark, would Jodie be back for more Trust Me? And the simple answer is no (so far as I know). But Trust Me is coming back and the new lead is Alfred Enoch who some folk might recognise from the Harry Potter movies or ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder. He was also in Broadchurch and Sherlock.

Set on the neurological unit of Glasgow Hospital, Alfred Enoch will star as Corporal Jamie McCain, a survivor of a shock enemy attack. Recovering from a spinal injury which has left him temporarily paralysed, Jamie faces a new enemy as fellow patients on the ward die unexpectedly around him.

Alfred says: “It’s great to be on board, it’s a cracking cast and Dan has done a great job crafting something that’s really invested in the characters. It has a psychological concern that is dark and thrilling. I can’t wait to get started.”

As Jamie obsessively searches for the truth, his investigation drags him and the clinical staff into their own unnerving nightmares. But with his behaviour becoming increasingly erratic, is the threat real or imagined and is Jamie a man we can trust?


John Hannah is also in the newly regenerated Trust Me.

But just to bring things full circle, Brainlock pointed out to me on io9 that Alfred Enoch’s dad is William Russell who played Ian Chesterton in the original Doctor Who with William Hartnell. It’s a small universe.