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Who wants a brand new Venture Bros Season 6 trailer?

Oh Venture Bros, how I’ve missed you. It’s hard to beleive it’s been a full year since you last graced our screens with All This And Gargantua-2, and nearly two and a half years since we last had a full season.

Season 6 premieres on January 31st with an episode titled Hostile Makeover, and it looks like Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer haven’t lost any of their old magic.

I love the new MODOK-meets-Mr. T inspired super villain, Think Tank, Hank’s Michael Jackson moves, Night Dick (who looks like he might be a mash-up of Ghost Rider, The Spirit, and The Question), The Captain’s homage to Vault of Horror, and the previously seen purple version of Oliver Queen who appears to be named Fallen Arches, complete with goofy themed foot-arrows.


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