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Who watches the multiverse getting mouldy

A couple of weeks ago DC’s Doomsday Clock spluttered to a rather unsatisfactory end. I keep thinking I should get all 12 issues together for a single read-through but haven’t got round to it yet. If there were some natty ideas at the start of the series they had evaporated by the end with a strange splurge of keeping Watchmen, Nathaniel Dusk and Silverblade within the DC imprint. Have I missed anything there?

The pending apocalypse explodes in an existential office memo and life carries on as boringly as before. Cutting edge it isn’t, but it seems to want to make a virtue of all the reboots that come around with alarming regularity.


Then I picked up a copy of Avengers Universe #7, a Panini reprint monthly that throws together three-and a bit issues of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.From the newsagent that was once frequented by King Zog, no less. But that’s another story. Currently Avengers Universe is showcasing No Road Home which has a special guest-star, Conan the Barbarian. There is a certain novelty, Harlan Ellison inspired issues notwithstanding, of having a licensed character join the Avengers but it raised a snicker because the original UK Conan weekly was merged its Avenging big sister and for a couple of years, we looked forward to The Avengers and Savage Sword of Conan every week (until it got merged with The Mighty World of Marvel, what fun).

Still, I kind of enjoyed Wanda trotting across the desert with her Cimmerian companion. It was enjoyable enough that I bought the following issue and had a weird feeling of deja vu.

Conan gets swept away like Howard the Duck and the closing chapter is, well, pretty much the same as Doomsday Clock. It’s just as bad in the kind of way that a showgirl becomes one with her headdress and becomes one with the universe. Same memo I guess. Except No Road Home came out first, so which tale is wagging which dog I don’t know.

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