It was recently revealed that there will be an All-New Wasp. This kind of makes sense: there’s an All-New Captain America, an All-New Falcon, heck, there’s even an All-New Giant Man. So why not an All-New Wasp? (Well, Janet van Dyne doesn’t seem like she’s going anywhere, but besides that.) But who could it be? Let’s look at the prospects:

Hope Pym

This makes the most sense, since it would tie directly into the MCU where the new Wasp would be Hope van Dyne, Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne’s daughter.

There is a slight difference in the comics, however: Hope Pym comes from the MC2 universe, one supposed future of the Marvel universe (where May “Mayday” Parker, the daughter of Spider-Man also comes from), but Hope isn’t a superhero. She’s a supervillain named the Red Queen. Instead, it’s her twin brother Hank Pym, Jr that becomes the superhero Big Man and joins A-Next (the next generation of Avengers, who are basically just a mix-and-match of Avengers’ children).


Why it could be her: She’s from the movies. With Secret Wars right behind us, writers could easily find a way to move her to the main 616 universe.

Why it can’t be her: The only character people actually remember from the MC2 universe is Spider-Girl. Introducing the Red Queen again and then try to explain why she’s not a villain or why she is a villain could become messy. Or lame.


Rita DeMara

Similar to Scott Lang, Rita DeMara was a small time criminal who stole the Yellowjacket suit and although she was a villain for a bit, she eventually became a hero and joined the Avengers and then the Guardians of the Galaxy (the ones from the year 3000, not the ones from the present day).

Unfortunately, when she tried going back to the 20th century in order to warn the Avengers about an upcoming tragedy, she was killed by an Immortus-possessed Iron Man in a very, very stupid crossover called “The Crossing” (it made absolutely no sense and eventually was completely wiped from continuity). So how could it be her? Well, a few years ago there was a crossover called Chaos War where the afterlife was destroyed (go with it) and a bunch of dead characters came back to life — including Rita, who kicked all kinds of ass, even as she lamented the fact that nobody remembered her. It’s not known yet if she stayed alive at the end of the crossover like Alpha Flight did or died again once the afterlife was restored (as I said, just go with it).


Why it could be her: She’s like Scott Lang’s counterpart, an ex-thief who stole the suit. It would also make sense of Marvel’s previous teaser, “Dead No More.”

Why it can’t be her: Honestly, I really don’t think Marvel would revive a character who hasn’t been used since 2010 and wasn’t seen before that since 1995. Although she was used awesomely in Chaos War: Dead Avengers, many people never read that book.


Petra Laskov

Petra is a character original to the Ultimate Universe with a fairly tragic backstory: the Red Skull forced her to choose between her husband or her baby, so she killed her husband...and the Red Skull killed her baby anyway. Later on, she became “Swarm,” one of the Liberators, a group of villains, but then was captured by SHIELD and coerced into being a good guy, at which point she took on the code name “Red Wasp.”

Why it could be her: It’s another opportunity to add a character from the Ultimate Universe. And she did have an awesome moment where she shot the Red Skull in the head.


Why it can’t be her: Just look at her backstory. It’s way too graphic for mainstream Marvel. And if they decide to change the backstory...well, why not just go with an original character then? (Also, the last time she appeared was 2009, so would anyone really remember her?)


Cassie Lang

She’s the current Ant-Man Scott Lang’s daughter and after Scott died during Avengers Disassembled, Cassie eventually picked up his costume and became a superhero herself: Stature, a member of the Young Avengers, able to grow to giant size. She then went on to become a member of the Mighty Avengers.

Unfortunately, during Young Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, she was killed by Doctor Doom just as she was able to bring her father back to life. A few years after that, however, Doctor Doom (in a fit of goodness due to the Axis inversion) brought her back to life and she’s been living with her mother in Florida in the most recent Astonishing Ant-Man series.


Why it could be her: She’s from the movie, too! And she used to be a size-changing hero, so it makes sense! It’s said that after her heart surgery (long story), she no longer has the Pym particles in her system, but what if it’s just that she can’t grow? What if she can shrink instead?

Why it can’t be her: Her mom would kill her. Aside from that, no reason.


Hank Pym

The original Ant-Man. Also, Giant-Man. And Goliath. And Yellowjacket. And “Hank Pym, Scientist Supreme.” And, for a short time after Janet had died, the Wasp.

So, okay, yes, he was already called “the Wasp” for a bit, but he could become the Wasp again. He just has to, you know, come back from the dead. Well, okay, he didn’t die, exactly, but he merged with Ultron to become a sort of Pym-Ultron combo and then Starfox (no, not that one, the other one, the one with the creepy powers) turned his self-loathing inwards so that he was paralyzed and then he...flew off into space.


Okay, so maybe not.

Why it could be him: Eh, no reason.

Why it can’t be him: (SPOILERS) He was actually recently reintroduced in Uncanny Avengers #4, where he was no longer merged with Ultron, but rather was using Ultron as freakin’ armor. Which, I mean, that’s pretty cool. So I don’t think he would go from “Ultron-armor wearing badass” to “Wasp again.”


Someone New

Who could it be? I don’t know. Perhaps someone completely new. After all, the new Giant-Man was a completely new character, so it stands to reason that the new Wasp might be a completely new character, too.


Whoever it is, though, will have some awfully big shoes to fill (metaphorically, because they are probably literally tiny).