Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Recently I discovered a few of my coworkers have specfic hobbies, namely Firearms and Knives. They showed me pictures of their collections and man, they were plentiful. I'm talking about a room full of guns (pistols, shotguns, rifles) and shelves of knives (Rambo-style hunting, tactical, unique pocket, not swords or themed ones).

There isn't really anything wrong with having a certain type of hobby, but my fun-loving mind made me wonder how girls reacted when finding out about their toys (I don't know my coworkers outside of work, so personal stuff isn't really shared between us). My job takes me on the road and I visit many sites on a daily basis. Employees at these sites are predominantly female, so out of curiosity and fun, I asked as many as I could, this question:

"Which one of these three guys would you go on a blind date with? 1. Guy with a room full of guns 2. Guy with shelves of knives 3. Guy who builds and plays with Lego"


The ladies varied in age, most were in their early to mid 20s, while a handful were 30 and up. Ethnicities of all types and geolocated all over Toronto.


Gun = 7.5

Knife = 0

Lego = 13.5

The 0.5 being one girl who said she'd go on a date with both the Gun and Lego guy, then choose one afterward.


Girls who chose Gun Guy, mostly thought guns were badass and would love to go shooting (if they hadn't already before). One girl said if she were to be murdered, the Gun Guy would be quick when compared to the other two.

Absolutely no girl chose the Knife guy. It was a consensus, they found knives much scarier than guns. A few girls said knives made them think of serial killers. One girl called the Knife Guy "McStabby Stab" and almost all said knives were too easily obtained and hidden, therefore easier to kill with.


And the winner is Lego Guy! Doubling Gun Guy, girls found Lego Guy least likely to kill them. Most felt the Lego Guy would be the creative, nerdy, and smart type. Some girls loved Lego too and would definitely play alongside Lego Guy. A couple of girls debated between Lego and Gun, but went with Gun. The main negative some girls had with Lego was the perceived immaturity and potential childish behaviour of the guy.

Notice the commonality? ALL females surveyed had one thing in mind when choosing a guy... the likelihood of being murdered.


So there you have it, my totally unscientific fun study of a girl's choice between Gun vs Knife vs Lego.

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