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Whoever said political campaign noise isn't good for anything?

In a move clearly motivated by little else than not looking terrible during the campaign for the German general election in September, the German parliament today voted about the legalization of same sex marriage.

Following a statement of moderate conservative Chancellor Merkel that the topic might be voted upon without political whip by every parliamentarian according to their conscience - eventually (mostly because every one of her potential future coalition partners made allowing same sex marriage a prerequisite), Merkel’s current political junior partner, moderate social democrat party SPD, surprisingly put the topic on the table two days ago to be voted upon before the summer break next week.

And so, against the nay votes of several (including Chancellor Merkel herself, yet not all) members of the conservative parliament majority, the German Bundestag today decided to raise the allowed legal status of homosexual partnerships from “registered” to fully equal marriage.


Happy last day of pride month, everyone. :)

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