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Who's Who in Spider-Man: Homecoming

So the presskit credits for Spider-Man: Homecoming were finally released and the names of who some of the actors were playing turned out to be quite a surprise. Here is the list and what each character means in the regular Marvel Universe.

We all know who the main actors are playing, so let’s move along to who was just revealed:

Tyne Daly is playing Anne Marie Hoag, the director of Damage Control. (Honestly, I would have loved to see her as a gender-flipped J. Jonah Jameson, but this is cool, too.)


Donald Glover is listed as Aaron Davis. Previously, all that was known was that he was one of the Vulture’s henchmen, but this paints him in an entirely different light: Aaron Davis was the Ultimate version of the Prowler and actually the uncle of Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man. The fact that Glover is played Davis instead of the regular version of the Prowler, Hobie Brown, could indicate that Miles himself will show up in a later film.

Of the Vulture’s other henchmen, Bokeem Woodbine is listed as Herman Schultz and Logan Marshall-Green is listed as Jackson “Montana” Brice, with the epithets “Shocker #1" and “Shocker #2.” In the comics, the Shocker is indeed Herman Schultz, but Jackson “Montana” Brice is actually a member of the Enforcers, alongside Ox and Fancy Dan. He doesn’t use any shocker technology, but rather a lasso. In addition, Michael Chernus plays Phineas Mason, a supervillain known as the Tinkerer, and Michael Mando plays Mac Gargan, a supervillain known as the Scorpion.

Now onto Midtown High: Kenneth Choi is playing Principal Morita, who is pretty obviously related to Choi’s Howling Commandos character, Jim Morita. Hannibal Buress is playing Coach Wilson, who is probably Whiz Wilson. What is funny is the fact that Whiz Wilson wasn’t actually a character in a Spider-Man comic, but rather a comic called Meet Miss Bliss, one of Marvel’s many romance comics from the ‘50s. Martin Starr plays a teacher named Mr. Harrington, who is probably Roger Harrington, who was the principal of Midtown High in the comics (Starr was previously in The Incredible Hulk, where he was unnamed, but we could assume he’s playing the same character — although in the novelization, he’s called “Amadeus Cho,” I’m thinking that’s probably not the case.)

Even more interesting, however, is the fact that Selenis Leyva is playing a teacher named Ms. Warren. She could be playing a gender-flipped Raymond Warren, Peter’s science teacher, but the interesting thing here is that Raymond Warren was also the brother to Miles Warren, the scientist who became the Jackal and cloned Peter many, many, many times. Heck, she could be the gender-flipped Miles Warren, too.


Now the students: the person whom everyone speculated might be Mary Jane, Zendaya Coleman, is still listed only as Michelle. She could be a new character, but considering all of the other characters are from the comics, she could also be Michele Gonzales, a one-time roommate and love interest of Peter Parker. Why they haven’t released her last name, however, is a mystery.

We only have the first names for these students, but the following guesses are pretty good: Isabella Amara is playing Sally Avril, Jorge Lendeborg Jr is playing Jason Ionella, J. J. Totah is playing Seymour O’Reilly, Tiffany Espenson is playing Cindy Moon, Angourie Rice is playing Betty Brant, Michael Barbieri is playing Charles Murphy, and Ethan Dizon is playing “Tiny” McKeever. Some of these, like Sally Avril and Charles Murphy, date back to the original Lee and Ditko run on Amazing Spider-Man, while Jason Ionella, Seymour O’Reilly, and “Tiny” McKeever were all introduced as high school friends of Peter’s in Untold Tales of Spider-Man. Betty Brant was the receptionist at the Daily Bugle and probably Peter’s first love interst, while Cindy Moon was introduced most recently as another former student of Midtown High who was bitten by the same spider who bit Peter and became the superhero Silk.


Abraham Attah is listed as playing another classmate named Abe, but this is where things get really interesting. The Wikipedia page on Spider-Man: Homecoming links this character to Abraham Brown, who became the superhero Black Tiger. But here’s the thing: Abe Brown’s brother was Hobie Brown, the Prowler. And the Prowler is in this movie, but it’s Aaron Davis, not Hobie Brown. So if we apply the law of transitives and say that Abraham Attah is playing a character related to the Prowler...

...then Abraham Attah is playing Miles Morales.

Is this true? I have no idea. Abe Brown/the Black Tiger doesn’t really fit in with the other kids, however, as he was never a student at Midtown High. And with Aaron Davis in the movie, this does mean that we could be seeing Miles as well. And Abraham Attah is pretty much the exact right age to play him.


So there we go.

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