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Who's Your Daddy: Adding to the Speculation of Star-Lord's Dad

Over on Badass Digest, there is some scuttle-butt about who (or what) might be Star-Lord's father. Given that it seems Peter Quill's papa isn't necessarily going to be the same as in the comics.

The gamut runs from the weird (Starfox) to the pretty cool (The Beyonder, Adam Warlock). The keys points being made (that point away from his being J'son of Spartax) are:

  1. He appears as an angel, bathed in light to Quill's mom
  2. Quill is told he is only part-Terran (Spartoi are implied to be human-ish)
  3. Gunn has a lock down on the secret identity Quill's father. Only four people know and one of those four people include Michael Rooker who plays Yondu. Yondu say's Quill's father is a jackass.

After reading the article I immediately thought of one character that makes sense.


Starhawk. Think about it. Has 'wings' and creates light constructs therefore 'angel-like'. Is indeed a jackass. Has a connection with Yondu from original GotG. He has appeared in books of the new version of GotG as an antagonist.

Uhm, he also shared his body with his ex-wife Aleta. Which is weird and Gunn does like the weird. Oh, plus he is the love child of Quasar and Kismet (a female version of Adam Warlock).


Just a thought.

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