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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Who's your WHO?

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As we gear up for the end of Matt Smith's run on Doctor Who, and prepare for the passing of the TARDIS torch to Mr. Peter Capaldi, I wonder: who are your fave Doctors? I'm going to list all of them in the order I like them, but you could just pick your top 3 or something:

1.) Peter Davidson
2.) Sylvester McCoy
3.) Paul McGann (especially after the recent minisode!)
4.) Matt Smith
5.) Tom Baker
6.) Jon Pertwee
7.) David Tennant
8.) Patrick Troughton
9.) John Hurt (yes, just on the strength of the 50th Anniversary episode!)
10.) Christopher Eccleston (but he could have ranked higher if he'd been aroudn longer)
11.) William Hartnell/Richard Hurndall
12) Michael Jayston (aka The Valeyard... I include him because technically he's a version of the Doctor)
13.) Colin Baker (I like him as an actor, but his run on DW was rough as hell for many reasons)

??) Peter Capaldi, though I'm feeling like he'll rank high for me for a bunch of reasons once he gets going in the part...


Feel free to include photo or vid clip to illustrate your top choice(s).

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