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Whose In the New JLA Show and Who Should Be?

Justice League is coming as I am sure you have seen by now! And so far details are extremely vague with just a name, a tiny picture to squint at, and a tweet confirming it is real only. So lets speculate!

The poster suggests the show may be more like Justice League Unlimited, with a large ensemble cast perhaps switching focuses every episode or two. The characters go off the poster so I assume we will have a lot more characters then the ones we can see.


But who are the tiny people we see so far? Nerdist has a breakdown of who is maybe included.

Furthermore, the lineup appears to feature Superman, Wonder Woman (complete with warrior weaponry), Batman, and Shazam in the top row of silhouettes. The next line is Zatanna, Firestorm, maybe Green Lantern, and Huntress. Helena’s inclusion is interesting, because now we’re wondering which Helena: Helena Wayne, or Helena Bertinelli? Probably Bertinelli, but wouldn’t it be fun if this JLA featured members from Earth-2? (I warned you about my meandering thoughts.) Hawkgirl can also be seen in the lower left corner, and the remaining figures are hard to decipher without a more detailed look.

I could see all that. So we got 3 women out of 9 characters so far. Better then nothing I guess. I assume some of the big name in TV characters like Flash and Green Arrow are going to be in there also. Be cool if they added Vixen.


Who would you add in there? Or do you have speculation on who some of the characters may be?

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