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Why Are The Arrival Aliens In Devon?

The first trailer for the upcoming totally not a Day The Earth Stood Still film showcases the aliens arriving in places all over the world with many sites making sense, such as Montana in the US which does have a large number of Minuteman III silos or Venezuela which has many key oil reserves. One of the places they choose to land however is my home county of Devon in the UK so here is what key items they could be looking for back home.

The Perfect Cream Tea Recipe


Did you know we created the cream tea, despite what those inbred idiots in Cornwall may say, so the aliens may be looking for the best form of afternoon snack.

Terrible (and Possibly Racist) Traditional Dancers

Who knows but maybe this whimsical dancing is a secret code that will unlock the next level of human existence or allow us to communicate with beings unknown.

Cheap Pre-Drinks


Maybe our new aliens overlords have traveled all this way after hearing about Buckfast Tonic Wine, the notorious wine drunk by wasters and scum all around our fair isle. At around £6 a bottle they too can get cheap drinking before a night at the clubs.

The Destruction of Coldplay


Did you know frontman of every teenage girls favourite ‘rock’ band Coldplay is a Devonian? Yeah sorry about that.

My Dog


Please, please just take him. He’s a pain in the arse and him secretly belonging to aliens would make sense given how he acts. Otherwise it means he’s just nuts.

A Hollywood Marketing Executive Randomly Chose It

Yeah this is probably why.

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