Finished watching the Clone Wars episode, “Innocents of Ryloth” and something has been bothering me. Why are the Separatists all evil? In both the films and the series It doesn’t make sense for them to be all cartoonishly evil and acting like Captain Planet villains.

No one would ever join or support them because they’ll know these assholes will just act like the mafia and either enslave them or rob them blind. I thought the Separatists were businesses, hence the names Trade Federation and Banking Clan? Surely they’d want come to these planets in the name of friendship, offering the natives valuables, resources and troops for senate support, allowing their ships to go through the space freely and maybe allow them to set up bases.

Not only does that put the Republic in an difficult situation as any attack in that system now makes them the aggressors and thus, the bad guys. But also makes the Separatists look good and sympathy, showing how caring they are which could gain them support from undecided systems. Surely the last thing the Separatists want is open war.

But no, all the Separatists seem to do is either try to wipe out defenseless races like in Defenders of Peace (seriously why did they think that was a good idea?), take entire races hostage like in Revenge of the Sith or Innocents of Ryloth and treat protectorate planets poorly and ignore their leaders like in Bombad Jedi.


However, the dumbest is deliberately trying to cause a plague in the episode Blue Shadow Virus. Why would you do this? Not only does that not make your cause look sympathetic, but it means you have another mess to deal with once the fighting has done and people are more likely to rebel against you.

I know people have told me that the villains become less stupid in later seasons but I have to ask, why are the Separatists doing all these randomly evil acts as it doesn’t help their cause in anyway and do they continue to act so evilly in later seasons?