Everyone is aware of the huge market for pornographic novels that feature women and maybe men (I'm not really sure) engaging in sexual activities with dinosaurs and other creatures.

There is an article on Business Insider featuring an interview with author Virginia Wade. Wade writes quite a bit of erotic fiction, but her most popular series deals with naughty Bigfoots. Is that right? Is it Bigfeet? Let's go with Sasquatches. Wade is a stay at home mother who starting writing these novels on a whim and pulls in $30,000 on her best month! I am not here to insult Mrs. Wade, because more power to her. She saw a hole in the erotic fiction market and filled it. That sentence sounded better in my head. My problem with this whole scene is why I'm not trying to break into it.

I occasionally write and I'm pretty sure I could crank out a 12,000 word story about women stumbling upon mythological creatures and having intercourse. I would need a hook. Dinosaurs have been used, Bigfoot is taken, maybe giant squid? Do you think that I could sexy up gargoyles? I'll have to do some brainstorming.

Anyways, the question is out there. Why aren't more up and coming authors writing erotic fiction under a pseudonym and getting them published just to pay the bills? Is it artistic integrity? Are they worried that in 2014 they wouldn't be able to retain their anonymity for very long? Or they already doing this and we just don't know about it?

Oh well. I'm just curious. I'm going to go do an outline for Taming the Unicorn, one woman's erotic encounter with a stallion of myth and magic.